Products to sell in San Diego for Retailers

Turkish towels wholesale? Yes, There are products you can sell in San Diego as a retailer and make money. However, retails want to keep it safe and not get anything that is the trend! The research shows that all successful retail stores and boutiques are usually finding these niche and hot trend items and make money in bulk. So the question is ” What to sell in San Diego? “. Well, anything is related to beach or summer fashion will do great. Since San Diego is known to be a sunny beach city in California. Here is the link if you want to find out more about peshtemals.

Turkish towels wholesale!

Turkish peshtemal towels are great items to sell in cities like San Diego, Los Angles and more. These products are doing good in Florida, New York, California and becoming even hotter every day.Their high-quality cotton material and features such as being soft, absorbent, sand repellent and lightweight make a big deal for customers. They loved it! People who bought them from stores and they left with a big smile on their face.

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Where do I buy Turkish towel?

Well, it’s very simple there are a lot of them in the USA and Turkey. BUT are they really what you looking for? Some might say yes everything is stock However usually means they are importing them from Turkey and As a RETAIL STORE you will have to wait about 4-6 weeks. You don’t want that! So few things you need to make sure before choosing your long time Turkish towels wholesale supplier!

  1. Is the inventory in the USA?
  2. Are they made in Turkey?
  3. Do they have labels?
  4. Are they 100% A class cotton?
  5. Do they have a physical office or showroom in the USA?  
  6. Is Dye harmless? 

Why Atay Trade Turkish Towels Wholesale Supplier?

Let’s answer those questions first and talk about Atay Trade Company!


Is the inventory in the USA?

Answer: Yes All Inventory is located in San Diego.

Are they made in Turkey?

Answer: All made in Turkey by FAMILY MEMBERS

Do they have labels?

Answer: Yes they all have labels and all the info printed on them

Are they 100% A class cotton?

Answer: 100% Turkish A class cotton 

Do they have a physical office or showroom in the USA?  

Answer: : Yes Atay Trade’s showroom and office located in San Diego ( where customers can see the all the towel and other items collections in display in person

Is Dye harmless? 

Answer: Yes they can even be used on baby skin!


Here is the direct link to Atay Trade Turkish Towels Wholesale Supplier;


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